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Succulent arrangement dish gardens

Check out our past arrangements and projects here. If you see something you like let us know.
Well happy Wednesday! ♡ I will admit that part of the day I thought it was still Tuesday 😨 I'm happ
So I had a lot of fun with this pair and it really brightened up this wall! More fun with flowers an
If you high five around here you might just get a super mini planter 🖑 so high five ♡ it's almost F
Ok frog lovers 🐸 this planter is for you! ♡ there is a lot of texture in this one ☆ I mean wow! _Fo
Happy Friday! ♡ Day 1 of the Succulent Extravaganza was a ton of fun and we are ready to go back for
Hey everyone ♡ excited to get your opinion on one of our new designs from last weekend ☆ I purchased
I love these little pillows 💙 I want to squeeze them! 🌵 Can someone tell me why bed is so much mor
Sunday Sunday..
So I'm looking at our photos and realize I haven't shared a bamboo planter in months! ♡ We have so m
Mini blooms 😍 Congratulations Nurse Amy ☄Pretty minty unurth pottery _unurthwonder ♡_._._
Stuck inside today_ All you need are some succulents, sand, rocks, a tiny bench and a little imagina
A succulent dish good enough to eat 💕_._._._
Thought I would share a side view of my workspace _ the potting bar 🌵💗⛏ bit of a mess but especial
Big blue! 💙 I have this thing with big blue pots and this one has had a lot of different succulents
Time for a Friday favorite! 💗 This dolphin fella is the winner 🦈 isn't he nice_ ☆ now I need to ch
Sitting on the back deck with a cocktail and looking at this _port_town_pottery pot thinking..
💖_♡_♡_♡_💖_#thesucculentdish #succulentdish _#succulentlove  #succulentgram #succulentaddict #succu
Ok since this has been a week of the new mini planters we choose this guy to be our Friday Fav! 👍🌵
Ok here is the other _karenmccantsart turtle pot I mentioned in a previous post ♡ isn't he pretty_ T
A few of my favorite things...blues and orange, euphorbia, weekends and pretty time ♡ the sun is jus
Wow I love this one ( echeveria swirl ) 💙 and wow the weather! 🌡 not to be a total baby or anythin
Hoppy Tuesday 🐸 look closer at this frog and you will see some fun paint touches on this new plante
When you have to move big plants bring out the big machinery 💪🏻🌵🤣 don't work too hard it's Satur
Refreshed this dishgarden today ♡ one of my favorite _karenmccantsart pots ♡ plus a Guida Quon plant
Bamboo custom trio went out today 🎍 really nice set ♡♡♡ these bamboo come from left over pieces fro
Close up 😍_♡this is made from fence boards from Felton CA_♡_♡_#succulentdishfridayfaves #thesuccule
This succulent sifter arrangement is over 2 years old and so far has been left out in the heat,  rai
A winter afternoon spent looking for survivors ⛄ found some pretties out there, but I am still dream
Some fresh pretties to play with 💕💃🌵need to pick out a _joeygrieb planter next!_._._
A closeup of one of the winter survivors from the last post ❄ this guy is really showing off 💗_🌵_☆
It's pottery week over here 😄 we have another _karenmccantsart pot  to share ♡ I love this turtle �
Antique store find and succulent cuttings ♡♡♡ #succulentcity #suckerforsucculents_#suculentas #succu
Starfish planter with a bouquet

Beach decor galore This starfish planter is painted a lovely bright color called Dip in the pool and has a coral colored starfish. What is not to love? Now available in our shop.

Bamboo and succulents
Echeveria secunda
Succulents Cliffs
Haworthia in a Karen McCants pot

Succulent Cliffs was created to display at Succulent Extravaganza 2016 over at Succulent Gardens in Castroville. wood by Joey Grieb succulent design and bird house design by Denise Dresbach miniatures by Fairy Tree Miniatures

BBQ Chimney repurposed
Pottery by Karen McCants
Fun with Aloes - wood by @joeygrieb
wood by @joeygrieb
Pottery by Regina @Port Town Pottery
Fun planting for a birthday gift
Colorful succulents
Another fun gift-wood by @joeygrieb
Tiny pottery by Martha Kokes
Pottery by Donna Napolitan
wood by @joeygrieb
Planted Pottery by Port Town Pottery
Planted in Karen McCants pottery
Birdy fun gift - wood by @joeygrieb
wood by @joeygrieb
Planted in Donna Napolitan pottery
Chicken feeder turned centerpiece

Cold hardy succulents for an outdoor table

Chicken feeder turned centerpiece
Vintage tractor with succulents
Succulent Sam
Succulent Sam
Facebook - #succulentdish #thesucculentDish
Facebook - #succulentdish #thesucculentDish pottery by Karen McCants.jpg
Facebook - Joey made this today and I stuck some random cuttings in.jpg
Flowers & Succulents on cake stand
Facebook - Merry Christmas eve
Facebook - New digs
Agave in a big dish
Facebook - Blooms
Facebook - #thesucculentdish #succulentdish #repurpose #repurposed #succulent #b

BBQ starter turned Father's day gift

Facebook - My new obsession :)  buying pottery.jpg
These wall pockets are by Don
Owl with a new hairdo
New custom succulent containers
Containers ready for succulents
Nice red one
Custom wood planters for succulents

by Joey

Custom planters for succulents
Custom wood planters for succulents
Tea cup succulents
Succulents ready for a new home
The first succulent for this dish
Custom wood planters for succulents
Custom wood planters for succulents

by Joey

Tile pot
Tea cup succulents
Top dressings
Custom wood planters for succulents
Custom wood planters for succulents
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