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Welcome to our handmade succulent planter shop

In our shop you will find our handmade succulent planters of all shapes and sizes. Our planters are made from reclaimed fence boards made of redwood (sometimes we get other types of wood as well).


We have available succulent planters to ship, as well as custom order planters.

Click on the Available button to see what we have in stock today. We also have a lot of customer favorites that can be made to order.


Click on the Made to order button to see our current custom succulent planters. These planters can be used for any kind of plant, we just love succulents and air plants so much so that is our focus. 

Available planters are ready to ship

*These will ship out in approximately 2 business days

Made to order planters need a little time to make

*These will ship out in 5-10 business days


Made to order planters in our pictures are examples.

Due to the nature of wood, each planter will be slightly different.

We will send a photo before shipping the final

product to you. 

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